Marinatto Continues Tantrum, Will Hold SU & Pitt Hostage

Big East commissioner John Marinatto stated today he would hold Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the 27 month exit window before they are allowed to leave and join the ACC.  To me, this is utterly ridiculous.  What is the point here?  I would understand if this was only until they get their new members into the fold, and then they would release Syracuse and Pitt of their Big East ties. That is not the case as Marinatto reiterated that even when the new teams join the Big East, he would still hold Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the aforementioned 27 month exit window.  He even goes as far as saying this BENEFITS the Big East. WHAT!?? How is holding two schools hostage that don’t want to be there beneficial? What makes the most sense, and is the best scenario for all, is once the Big East has their new schools in place to complete their new conference to let SU and Pitt go to the ACC so everyone can move on. If Marinatto actually does enforce the 27 month window, then this is the equivalent of a spoiled brat who doesn’t get his way and subsequently makes sure no one gets their way.  Or, as Brent Axe stated on his radio show today (On the Block, on The Score 1260), Marinatto is like the person in a pending divorce who refuses to sign their divorce papers. The end is here John. Yes there’s a chance you can salvage your conference, but holding Syracuse and Pittsburgh hostage is not the way to do it. The next logical step is for Marinatto to throw a rock with a note tied to it through ACC commissioner John Swofford’s window with a ransom if he ever wants to see SU and Pitt again. You can’t make this stuff up!


Posted on October 18, 2011, in Syracuse Basketball, Syracuse Football. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Wonder what the SU and Pitt schedules will look like. Could be, well, “unbalanced”.

  2. A recent report quotes Maryland’s AD as saying Syracuse and Pitt could begin ACC play sooner.

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