Exciting Blog Announcement!!

I’ve teamed up with coast2coasthoops.com to run their Syracuse basketball blog. Here’s a link to the site:

Nation of Orange

As you can see, there isn’t a ton of content on it now, but I will be taking over and writing articles starting tomorrow. That site is 100% dedicated to Syracuse basketball.  This site will remain 100% dedicated to Syracuse football. They will be sister sites, both of which I will run and write for.

The benefit of the Nation of Orange site is it has forums, so we can chat about things other than the articles I post, you can suggest topics, maybe even have live forum posts during games to get instant reaction. It’s also backed by coast2coasthoops.com which gives me access to lots of other content, such as recruit interviews (and the ability to conduct them myself going forward). I hope everyone who’s taken an interest in this blog will join me there as well. My goal is to make it the most informative place on the web for Syracuse basketball and recruiting news.

I want to thank everyone for supporting my current blog, and look forward to your support on this new one as well. The Nation of Orange site will have a lot of recruiting news, and current team news as well. It will also include game previews and recaps. I’m very exciting and I think this is great news for all Syracuse fans!

Nation of Orange also has it’s own facebook and twitter accounts, both of which I will be running. Here they are:


















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  1. Congratulations. Best of luck!

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